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.today is a day as good as any other day to finally follow up the ongoing requests, if these shirts are (still) available.

t-shirts t-shirts t-shirts

.yes, there are.
.some. leftovers. in different cuts and different sizes. only on black shirts. and only until they are gone. except the „all the arms we need“-one. this one i will have for a while.
(please check the sizes/cuts availabe at the end of the post.)

.on request the „all the arms we need“ is available also on dark grey/olive-ish colored shirts (15,-). or as a back-print (15,-). or on your own shirt (front or backprint: 10,-).

.i have shirts in fitted and straight cuts – here are some details on the measurements:
(on the left is the fitted cut and on the right the straight cut)

measurements of t-shirt-sizes and cuts

.i also (still) have some of these cuts:

.male, female, fuck you! (t-shirt)

.available cuts/sizes:

.available cuts/sizes:
.“male, female, fuck you“:
– earth positive (also fitted cut, but a bit broader): xs/l

– straight cut: l

.“all the arms we need“:
– fitted cut: s/m/l/xl
– straight cut: s/m/l/xl
– hanes (also a straight cut, but a bit smaller): l


„all the arms we need“ – free give-away shirt

TROUBLE X free give-away shirt



„ich will keine toleranz durch eure worte, ich will akzeptanz in euren herzen und fordere beweise durch eure taten.“

.mourn the dead and celebrate the living!

this is an attempt to make a list full of music that might be relevant for people interestet in and_or being/identifying and_or having a past as a trans(*)(gender/sexual), wrongly assigned at birth, agender/neutrois, genderqueer, non-binary, gender-non-conforming, etc. person.
please do not assume, that any musician/band on this list necessarily is/identifies as anything of the above. it’s just my opinion, that this music might belong on this list. it also might only be the content of one song, that made me put that musician/band on this list. also gender/s/labels can and do change. and since i am planning to update this list from time to time but are far from checking in on other peoples identities/labels/lifes on a regular basis i am happy, if you are a musician/band being on this list but not wanting to (anymore), if you‘ll let me know. i‘ll be happy to remove you as soon as i can. i‘m pretty aware of the concept of stealth and risks of personal safety as well and hope that anyone checking out this list, is and or starts to be/do so too.

i got inspired to do this reseach by these two lists from jayrome robinet:

this list is far from being complete, i just started my research and i think, there is/are so much/many more out there!
so – please, feel free to add to this list, i‘d be more than grateful!

also this is what/who i found by searching the internet. please keep in mind, that i didn‘t check every single musician/band on this list on how „political correct“ they are. and i‘m not the one to judge either, i just like this list to be as long as possible in order to keep people from saying: „there is no (good) music by/for trans(*)(gender/sexual), etc. people“. because there is. a lot actually!

in alphabetical order:

adhamh roland

against me! (rock/punk/folk rock)

a.j. shanti

alexander geist

all the pretty horses

amanda lear

amanda lepore

antony and the johnsons

athens boys choir

b. steady

baby dee

big freedia

billy tipton (jazz)


black cracker

celeste hutchins

cretin (grindcore)

dana international

elmo sexwhistle


frankie ‘halfpint’ jaxon (jazz)

friend crush


Genesis P-Orridge /throbbing gristle (industrial)

geo wyeth


hercules and love affair


hirstbird (folk-pop, indie, acoustic)

jay very

joe stevens / coyote grace

katastrophe (hip hop)

kim petras

king’s queer (post punk)

kokumo kinetic

lipstic conspiracy

lynn breedlove / tribe 8



mika risiko

mina caputo / life of agony


mykki blanco

namoli brennet (indie/acoustic)

norah noizzze

novice theory

peanut envy

perfume genius

pete burns / dead or alive

princessin hans

prinzessin paula (emo-jazz)


rae spoon

random order

seth corbin (punk/folk/anti-folk)

Sopor Æternus

StormMiguel Florez (NewAmericana Transgender Cantador)

strawberry kaeyk (travestie unplugged)


SYK (fat activist, trans activist queercore from malmö!)

tami tamaki

terre thaemlitz

the cliks (rock)

the grapefruit colour

the happy prince

the lost bois

the shondes

titica (kuduro)

tommy monroe

tough tough skin

wendy carlos

zara paz