TDOR 2015

Today is Transgender Day of Rememberance.

I didn‘t prepare anything this year and I‘m not even sure if I even want to or even should speak up at all.

So I was browsing through my timeline and looking for some inspiration and_or a good link, that could do the deed for me. I did find some good reads/actions/links/events/pictures and I‘m going to post them at the end of this post (and ask you to do the same within the comments), but I didn‘t find anything in particular, that did nail it for me.

For example, I‘m torn inbetween feeling happy about the higher visibilty for trans(*)(gender/sexual), agender, multiplegendered, assigned-wrong-at-birth, intersex people and people with that and_or a simmilar background and_or past and feeling sad about the ones that are going to fall back even more because of exactly that.

Today (and everyday) my heart goes out to the unwanted ones.

The criminal ones.
The non-conforming ones.
The (too) radical ones.
The not-legalized ones.
The ones who are „not trans enough“ and never will be.
The ones who don‘t fall under any white-washed name of a gender.
The angry ones.
The lonely ones.
The ones, who will never be validated.
The ones who don‘t (even) need and_or want to be validated through any (false) representation in and by the media(campains)/TV-series/the system/(corporate) capitalism/neoliberalism/etc. and_or by beeing „discovered“ as a marketing target/strategy.

The ones, who are not „true“ (enough).
The ones, who are suvivors of all this (and more).
The ones, who are fighting to survive right now.
The ones, who will never be „out“.
The ones, who can‘t (afford) and_or don‘t (even) want to „pass“.
The ones, who are not safe.
The suicidal ones.

The sexworkers, the homeless, the refugees, the „illegals“, the criminal youth, the addicts, the HIV-positive ones, the „crazy“ ones and all the other „lunatics“ out there.

The ones whos lifes never will be celebrated.

And the ones, who can see beyond all that shit.
The ones, whos visions of a better, a different world are even bigger than their own lives.
You make me wake up every day.

Thank you.
Wherever you are.
I love you.


Some Links:

- These Posters!!! <3 <3 <3
- A new project for black trans-people from ISD Bund e.V. Initiative Schwarze Menschen in Deutschland went public today with the launch of their website, including a statement for the TDOR 2015:
- B. binaohan , the author of THE MUST READ „Decolonize Trans 101″ wrote this statement.
- LesMigraS also wrote something.
- The amazing Jayrôme C. Robinet puts this text from João Gabriell into focus.
- This „10 Trans Women Pioneers They Definitely Didn’t Tell You About In History Class“.
- This Movie „Stonewall“ should be: „Happy Birthday Marsha P Johnson“.
- This short and hard to digest video.
- Beloved Laverne Cox on TDOR 2015. #saymyname #blacktranslivesmatter
- This hard to find „15 Best Trans Woman Movies According to Trans Women“ and their thoughts of this being an „impossible task/question“.
- This Comic from the dearest „Assigned Male“ Sophie Labelle.
- „Here are 12 Trans Folks Whose Transformative Work You Should Know About“
- 271 reported murders of trans(*)(gender/sexual)people within the last 12 month. 271!
- Some more words by L‘lerrét Jazelle Ailith.
- Yes. EUROPE, this: (thanx TGEU – Transgender Europe!) „How many trans-people need to die for Europe to take action?“