because i (don‘t) love you

.today is a day as good as any other day to finally follow up the ongoing requests, if these shirts are (still) available.

t-shirts t-shirts t-shirts

.yes, there are.
.some. leftovers. in different cuts and different sizes. only on black shirts. and only until they are gone. except the „all the arms we need“-one. this one i will have for a while.
(please check the sizes/cuts availabe at the end of the post.)

.on request the „all the arms we need“ is available also on dark grey/olive-ish colored shirts (15,-). or as a back-print (15,-). or on your own shirt (front or backprint: 10,-).

.i have shirts in fitted and straight cuts – here are some details on the measurements:
(on the left is the fitted cut and on the right the straight cut)

measurements of t-shirt-sizes and cuts

.i also (still) have some of these cuts:

.male, female, fuck you! (t-shirt)

.available cuts/sizes:

.available cuts/sizes:
.“male, female, fuck you“:
– earth positive (also fitted cut, but a bit broader): xs/l

– straight cut: l

.“all the arms we need“:
– fitted cut: s/m/l/xl
– straight cut: s/m/l/xl
– hanes (also a straight cut, but a bit smaller): l