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„why (my) vagina* has an asterisk“

…there have been some discussions going on on tumblr concerning this meme i made:

…so here’s why (my) vagina* has an asterisk (that’s the little star at the end of the word):

(…first, i use an asterisk as a sign, that the terms i put it on are constructed ones. and not universal but depending on cultures/societies. (in short).)

…“vagina“ (and also „penis“) is a biological term, which is used to put genitals into gendered*/sexed* (not sure, if you could say it like that) boxes. these boxes have the names „male“, „female“ and_or „intersex“ on them. these boxes are used to assigne one and only one gender* to a newborn baby. usually (for white western gendered* cultures/societies) these „genital-boxes“ are the only indicators for the gender* people are assigned with. this ignores for once the fact, that genitals have more than two or three shapes. there are multiple shapes of genitals. and second, none of these shapes have anything to do with any gender* the (gendered*) person is. and most of the time (in white western gendered* cultures/societies) when genitals not (seem to) „fit“ in one of the two boxes „male“ and „female“, they are not only labeled „intersex“ they are also used as a reference-point, for all the (unneccessary!) surgeries which are (still) performed on mostly all of intersex babies/children. to make people „seemingly“ „fit“ into one of two, and only two exclusive and over time-stable gender*(s).
…this gender*(ed) assignment also leeds to other violence for example trans*(gender*/sexual*) people have to face. the violence experienced also depends on race*, class* and gender*, etc… for example the gender-violence black (trans*(gender*/sexual))-women of colour have to face is a whole lot different to the gender-violence white (trans*(gender*/sexual*)-women are experiencing…

…but_and (of course) they are (also) (trans*(gender*/sexual*)) people, who have not the fitting genitals for their gender*(s) and (of course) it is neccessary to have access to surgeries for changing any shape of any genitalias. but only if the person themself is wanting too! only then. there are (almost) no(!) medical reasons to alter somebodies genital-shape!

…also „intersex“, „trans*(gender*/sexual*)“ and „cis*(gender*/sexual*)“ are no mutual exclusive terms. these things can change and_or overlap. and not everybody is gendered* or has_is (only) one gender*.

…and i think, we* (the people of white western gendered* cultures/societies) also need to stop to assume any kind of genital-shape if somebody tells us* their gender*. these two things are not connected. we* are only made believe.

…that’s (in short) why i put an asterisk on vagina*.

.best. .love.



…es ist wieder soweit!
…aus aktuellem anlass habe ich mal wieder ein/zwei memes zum einfachen online-teilen gebastelt:
…und für alle, die es noch nicht wuszten:

TROUBLE X "du brauchst keine vagina*, um eine frau* zu sein!"

…zum informieren empfehle ich folgende link-sammlung:
…und diesen text:

…and again, it’s this time of year!
…here’s a meme for easy sharing:
…just in case, you didn‘t know:

"you don't need a vagina* to be a woman*!"

…for more informations, check this text:
…and the english links at the end of this text:

.take care!
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