.TDoR. (20.11.2013)

…today is trans*(gender*_sexual*) day of remembrance!

…let’s (try to) remember all* of the trans*(gender*_sexual*) people, who died because of hate.

…let’s (try to) remember the ones who got murdered and also the ones, who died of suicide. let’s (try to) acknowledge, that suicide is very often as much an act of free will as it is an act of despair in recieving too much hate_rejection_hopelessness…

…let’s also (try to) remember the ones, that are missing in the statistics. who never made it into the statistics, because their deaths were never reported, who went missing and_or who’s (cause of) deaths never got connected to their (missing) gender* and_or who died because the attacker/s (only) assumed them being trans*(gender*_sexual*)…

…let’s (try to) remember that it is way more likely to be a target for/victim of trans*(gender*_sexual*)-hate, if you fall outside of the_(western) gender*-binary, are „visible“/exposed in one way or another, are not white, are poor, homeless, a minor, are (working as) a sexworker, female* and_or not straight, etc, etc.
…these things are connected. i think, we can‘t and shouldn‘t only remember them as victim/s_target/s of trans*(gender*_sexual*) hate, i think we should_have to acknowledge them as a whole person. we shouldn‘t erase their (individual) stories and should_have (to) connect this_them to the_our system/s, who allow_encourage these hate-crimes to happen.
…in most cases we‘ll never know, why exactly somebody got murdered, comitted suicide and_or went missing.

…let’s (try to) remind ourself, that gender* is nothing we can see. we might not know, what gender* a person is_has_not until we ask. and even if we ask, we don‘t have any right to know. there are people who are stealth and there are also people who don‘t have_are any gender* (at all). some people might identify_be trans*(gender*_sexual*) and some might not. some might have trans*(gender*_sexual*) experiences of multiple kinds and some might not be open (and i would say, nobody is obliged) to tell you about „these kind of things“. some (even) might be missing in this list.

…let’s (try to) take this day also as a reminder to not put each other down for what_who we* are and what_who we are not.

…much love.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

…and this: to us*! cheers! :)

.pix: mis-gender.tumblr.com