.top secret TROUBLE X finnisage / halloween-warm-up.

.top secret TROUBLE X finnissage!
.this saturday, the 31rd of october. (19h: finnisage/22h: dj_anes)
.celebrate the last days of the “never perfect”- exhibition with secret specials like:
- secret drinks. *
- secret swaps. **
- secret people. ***
- secret dj_anes. ****
- and a top secret special. *****

.plus, this will be the last chance to choose from all of the posters…
.after that – i don’t know yet… ;o)

* .order a “secret surprise drink”. (nobody knows what’s going to happen, neither the bar- shift nor do you…)
** .choose/make/buy a secret. wrap it nice and neat. bring it to the finnisage. swap it.
*** .dress as a secret. act like a secret. be a secret.
**** .it’s a secret!
***** .i got a few more of “these” kalenders. but only a few. (if you want to make sure you’ll get one, please contact me beforehand.)