…all of a sudden my new zine is done, ready and out!

.this time the „live“-issue comes out first!

…you can pick it up here:

.at 15.08.09:
kulturbunker, köln-mühlheim (19h – 2:00h)
berliner strasze 20
.from 17.08.09:
infoladen „treibsand“, linz, rudolfstr. 17
.from 21.08.09:
bauwagenplatz „wem-gehört-die-welt“, köln,
krefelder strasze/innere kanal strasze

.and then every sunday starting with:
.the 30.08.09:
fleamarket „boxhagener platz“, berlin, (10:30h – 17:30h)
grünberger strasze/gabriel-max-strasze, 2nd tree

.and wherever you want me to send it to.

.the pages are going to be uploaded from august, 25th.
.every day a new page.
.check it!


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